Minicoy Tourism

Minicoy is about 200 km away to the south and also nearest to Maldives, Minicoy has a lighthouse built by the British in 1885. The language spoken is mahl a form of Divehi, the language spoken in Maldives.  It is a cousin of Indi Persian languages whose script is written form right to left. Minicoy often called Women’s Islands for the dominating position enjoyed by ladies in the society.  Here the village life had been democratic perhaps even before the words Democracy and Panchayat were known to them. It has a cluster of 10 villages each presided by a “Bodukka”. 


The island has a rich tradition of performing arts. Lava dance, the most attractive among them, is performed on festive occasions. The island is a part of the Coral Reef package with facilities to accommodate staying tourists as well as day tourists.  A new twenty-bedded tourist resort has started functioning.  The island is included in the Swaying Palms package. Visitors are allowed up right to the top.  Words cannot do justice to the incredible size of the lagoon, one of the largest in Lakshadweep the green of coconut trees, and the mirror like surface of an island lake as it nestles in one corner of the island lake as it nestles in one corner of the island.  Minicoy is renowned for its dance.

Minicoy Island Map